Cahiers of artistic research 2

It is our pleasure to announce the second edition of  the collection Cahiers of Artistic Research.


Cahiers of artistic research” created through IMPAR at the University of Aveiro/INET-md, respond to the responsibility and the need to offer – first and foremost to our students, but also to the broader academic community – consistent guidance to assist the conception, design and development of artistic research projects. The aim of this series of Cahiers is, therefore, to establish an alternative path for artistic research. Firmly grounded in the articulation between declarative and procedural knowledge, the first steps along this path constituted an effort to clearly define as to when research is artistic research.

The second Cahier of the series Premises for artistic research establishes two premises for any artistic research: (i) Artistic research produces knowledge in a narrative mode and (ii) Artistic research articulates two different modes of knowing. We suggest that these premises are fundamental pillars for any artistic research project.

This open access edition can be downloaded here

UA Editora
Universidade de Aveiro
1st Edition – January 2019