Hands-On Research Symposium 2019

Hands-On Research Symposium: from artistic practice to artistic research

The University of Aveiro and INET-md (Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos em Música e Dança) are delighted to announce that the 1st international symposium on artistic research – Hands-On Research 2019 – will take place from October 28th to November 3rd at the University of Aveiro (UA), Portugal.

Hands-On Research 2019 symposium will be an intensive week long event with a variety of initiatives and activities, including:

ARS – Artistic Research School October 28th to November 3rd

The Artistic Research School (ARS) is designed for: (i) artists who are interested in developing postgraduate research based on the creation of new artistic ‘products’ that allows them to sustain their practice whilst developing new knowledge in music; (ii) artists interested in rethinking/developing old concepts or creating new ones for their artistic projects; (iii) teachers of performance/responsible for supervising academic projects that feature artistic production.

Throughout ARS, participants will be encouraged to share perspectives on artistic research, in addition to discussing their individual artistic projects, guided by experienced teachers, accomplished artists and artistic research practitioners. In addition to individual guidance, working groups, group feedback sessions and tutorials will respond to the need to offer consistent guidance in assisting the conception, design and development of artistic research projects.

Hands-On Research Conference October 31st to November 3rd

The Hands-On Research 2019 Conference aims to stimulate the discussion of ideas, practices, insights, outputs and developments in the field of artistic research. Originally conceptualised as a series of meetings focused on specific instrumental areas bridging the gap between artistic production and academic research, thus creating opportunities to combine the artists’ and the researchers’ knowledge, Hands-On Research has now expanded to encompass all artistic areas and will feature thematic conferences, presentations of projects, round table discussions, papers, lecture recitals and recitals.

Hands-On specific instrumental areas October 31st to November 3rd

In conjunction with the main conference event, a number of specific Hands-On meetings will take place, focusing on the following areas:  Hands-On PianoHands-On GuitarHands-On Choral/FICA’19

Lecture masterclasses October 31st to November 3rd

Lecture masterclasses will focus on the originality of the musician’s approach, offering opportunities to discuss the pertinence of performative choices and the development of an interpretative plan, demonstrating how critical reflection and research interact in music making.

The call for papers is available here: http://artisticresearch.web.ua.pt/handsonresearch/index.php/call/