Registration Free pass, Masterclass and Workshop| HOF 2018


Free pass – access to all the events (including masterclasses as observer)

– Early bird payment –before Juin the 24th> 50 €

– Regular payment     –after Juin the 25th  > 65€

Young free pass (under 16 years old) > 25€

One day Pass > 20€

Young One Day pass (under 16 years old): 10€



Thematic Masterclasses and Workshops

Acquiring the Free Pass is a necessary condition to enroll in the Masterclasses*. These applications will be considered in order of arrival but subject to biography appreciation by the Scientific/Artistic Commission

1st Masterclass  40€

2d or 3dor more Masterclasses, each one  50€

Workshop registration  10/20€



*Masterclasses duration | 45 minutes

Irina Stachinskaya How to improve (flute) sound |Teaches on 30th and 31st ONLY
Rogerio Zerlloti Wolf Soon more information
Jerica Pavli Piccolo – Technical and Interpretative issues
Agata Igras Jazz Études by Polish composer – there will be a handout for participants to prepare the studies in advance
Berten D’Hollander Music of Telemann and J S Bach
Nikolos Dimopoulos For students interested in orchestral repertoire or musicians preparing for orchestra auditions
Camilla Hoitenga Fresh Flute – making old music sound fresh and new music familiar
Sibel Pensel French flute repertoire | teaches on 29th, 30th and 31st ONLY
Félix Renggli Soon more information | teaches on 28th and 29th ONLY Inscriptions closed – FULL
Marta Gonçalves Baroque music in Traverso and in Modern flute
Jorge Caryevschi  Poulenc; Piazzolla; repertório geral de flauta
Rachel Brown  Baroque music |teaches on 29th and 30th ONLY
Leonardo Winter Flauta e piccolo: musica brasileira e repertorio para flauta
Marcos Fergnani More information soon | teaches on 28th, 29th and 30th ONLY



Between the beats | Elsa Nilsson    

Classical flute players focus on playing beautiful melodies with full tone and perfect technique. Rhythm, especially rhythmic depth and groove, falls by the wayside. This class is designed to tackle these issues and give flutists the tools to improve their internal sense of rhythm, as well as provide creative ways to approach practicing with a metronome. A handout of all the exercises and a list of suggested reading will be provided to encourage each participant to continue expanding their rhythmic senses after the class.

Flautastics | Ellen Burr  

is designed to be an interactive way to explore the many sound capabilities of the flute. It is a workbook that guides each player through developing their own lexicon for extended techniques. This is a hands-on approach. Each individual creates their own comprehensive chart of microtones and multiphonics. There are no complicated fingerings or embouchure positions to replicate; no intimidating stacked chords to play. Flutastics follows a logical progressive fingering pattern (rather than a note by note dictionary) that unfolds into the extended sound techniques so fundamental to today’s contemporary flute repertoire.

Alexander Technique | Pedro Couto Soares   

This workshop will focus on the applications of principles and procedures of the Alexander Technique to flute practice and playing, aiming at enhancing the student’s awareness not only of his body use, but also of his thought processes and practice habits. Each student will have a 45-minute lesson with the instrument. It will not be required to play any prepared repertoire. A C major scale or a dozen measures from a practiced piece may be enough

Método FeldenKrais | Pedro Couto Soares     

The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic re-education system designed to promote bodily and mental efficiency and well-being by conscious analysis of neuromuscular activity via exercises which improve flexibility and coordination and increase ease and range of motion. It can be practised in group lessons, called Awareness Through Movement (ATM). These lessons consist of sequences of gentle movements that are performed attentively always within the comfort zone. Applications to flute practice of principles involved in the building of the lessons will be explored.

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