Cahiers of Artistic Research 3

It is our pleasure to announce the third edition of  the collection Cahiers of Artistic Research.

The series of Cahiers of artistic research, created at IMPAR, University of Aveiro/INET-md, respond to the responsibility and the need to offer – first and foremost to our students, but also to the broader academic community – consistent guidance to assist the conception, design and development of artistic research projects. The aim of this series of Cahiers is to establish an alternative path for artistic research.

Built in a two-dimensional text that juxtaposes narrative and paradigmatic modes of discourse, this 3rd Cahier proposes artistic research as a trans-disciplinary field dedicated to artists interested in triangulating different modes of knowledge to realize the full potential of their artistic practices. This volume is structured in four parts. First, we present a short overview of the main points discussed in the 2nd Cahier, adding some new inputs concerning the processes of knowledge production and communication. Secondly, we look more closely at the notion of mythopoetic configurations: the role they play within humanity and their relationship with artistic research. Thirdly, we discuss the role of gestures in the process of reconfiguring new mythopoetic narratives, elaborating on the notion of Exemplarization proposed by Lehrer (2012). Finally, in the fourth part, we present an explanatory model for artistic research based on the intersection of three fundamental spheres: Ethics, Remix Culture and Aesthetic Appreciation.

This open access edition can be downloaded here

UA Editora
Universidade de Aveiro
1st Edition – March 2020